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Welcome to RAU Awards Institute™!

Founder and Dean Emeritus: Nikola Kitanovic

Vance Elderkin
Senior Fellow: Denny Lancaster
Fellows: Tony Duthoo, Brian Forrester, Larry Harrison, Bernie Howe

For many people, a web awards program is a satisfying activity that can provide many years of enjoyment.  This avocation of the electronics age can have the side benefit of the acquiring of friends throughout the world.  It can also have educational benefits, as the awards webmaster learns fascinating things from the sites that he or she evaluates, at the same time gaining a lot of practical skills concerning the creation and maintenance of a web site.

For others, it is an activity that may appear to be fascinating, but one that quickly loses its charm and becomes drudgery that is to be avoided and soon abandoned.  Expectations may be unrealistic, success may not come quickly enough, the program may require too much time to operate, etc.

RAU Awards Institute™ does not give out awards, nor does it rate or certify awards programs or webmasters.  It is intended as an educational resource (and, perhaps, a reality check) for those who are interested in or are just getting started with building a web awards program, as well as a resource for those who are looking to improve the program they already have.  The Institute will have discussions and articles on the various aspects of creating and maintaining an awards program and a web site, as well as links to valuable resources for the awards webmaster.  The goal of this site is not to dictate to anyone how an awards program should be built or maintained, but to present possibilities and opinions, allowing the webmaster to make his or her decisions in an informed manner.  The RAU Awards Institute™ is intended for all who participate in the fascinating, sometimes frustrating, but potentially very satisfying world of web awards.

Your comments and suggestions concerning the RAU Awards Institute™ are always welcome.

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